7 Tricks Of ChatGBT That Will Boost Your Medium Articles

Using AI to make your writing shine

4 min readApr 15


Over the last month few months, ChatGBT has gradually become more and more an integral part of my writing process.

I want to share with you 7 different ways that I’ve found it to be incredibly useful in creating better Medium articles.

  1. Getting Examples

I don’t know about you, but I often find getting examples to back up my points to be one of the dullest and most tiresome parts of writing.

Usually, I have to stop the flow of my writing, enter a bunch of Google searches and crawl through pages to find an example that supports my point.

Now, ChatGBT can immediately find you useful examples:

2. Arguing with ChatGBT to refine your thinking

Having arguments and discussions with others is how we notice the flaws in our own thinking and develop more sophisticated ideas.

Arguing with ChatGBT is a fantastic way to refine your own arguments.

3. Finding Studies

This is another part of writing that I find extremely dull. I guess I just wasn’t built to be an academic writer.

Searching through Google, reading the abstracts of studies to find something relevant to link to a point I’ve made isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

Luckily, ChatGBT can find you relevant studies immediately.

4. Getting ChatGBT to debate with itself

Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond your own biases and understand the genuine arguments of the other side.

Inside ChatGBT, you can prompt it to create a dialogue of two people debating an issue. This allows you to see well-created arguments from two different points of view on an issue.




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