Is Looking At Your Smartphone Cool?

When you look down at your smartphone a barrier of energy forms around you. This barrier cannot be seen with the naked eye but it can be felt, by you and those around you.

All of your body language, your entire being, sends the following message to the world around you: Leave me alone. I have better things to do than communicate with you.

People look down at their smartphones because it looks cool.

The smartphone is a social tool that indicates to others your high social-status. When you look at your smartphone, you signal to those around you that…

Why the absurd will keep appearing on our screens

Imagine that you’re driving down a country road through a field. On either side of the road are hundreds of cows, all of them looking identical to one another. Bored stiff, you continue driving down the road paying no attention to the hundreds of cows dotted on the landscape around you.

Suddenly, you see something strange. One of the cows is purple! You stop your car and try to get closer to it. You whip out your phone to snap a picture, immediately putting it on Twitter. Eight of your followers then send it to their own followers.

Nobody can…

How we try to fulfil tribal urges through video games


The soldier sat quietly with the young boy, playing yet another game of chess. He ignored the guilt panging in the back of his mind as he hid underground from the clashing of metal and screams that echoed through the room from outside. His armour and shield leant up against the wall beside the door unused.

But the game relaxed his mind. It would allow him to improve his strategic abilities that could one day be used for war, he told himself. Nobody would find him here. He could stay here until the war was over.

The boy moved his…

The 6 techniques the media uses to destroy reputations

You’ve witnessed countless smear campaigns throughout your life, but you didn’t notice.

You’ve had your opinion about particular individuals shaped for you without your consent on multiple occasions. Think of a politician or celebrity that you dislike. Did you form that negative opinion of them by yourselves, or have you been manipulated?

What do you think about Julian Assange? What do you think about Jordan Peterson? What do you think about Russell Brand? Or perhaps there’s a politician or public figure in your own country that you dislike. Why do you dislike them?

If you believe that you’ve personally formed…

Podcasts will save humanity

For a long, long time, humanity has been informationally stunted.

For decades, most of our information came through the television, newspapers and the radio. News organisations presented everything we knew about the outside world to us and we accepted what they told us. Hugely complicated issues were condensed into 5 minute segments squished between commercial breaks.

The brutal truth about the mainstream media is that a small number of corporations controlled all of the information we were able to see. They were the bottleneck through which all of the information about the world came to us.

These corporations chose which…

Artificial animals are everywhere

Take one walk down the high street and you’ll be surrounded by animals. Not real animals, mind you. But depictions of animals in the marketing that surrounds you.

The “Hello Kitty” kitten in the shop window. The big fluffy “Charmin” bear. The little blue bird that appears when you open Twitter on your smartphone. The rooster on the box of “Corn Flakes”. The small silver Jaguar on the front of Jaguar cars. The two red bulls on the front of a can of “Red Bull”.

We’re surrounded by images of animals. I bet you never noticed that before did you…

Why don’t we get emotional about tragic statistics?

“One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic”- Commonly attributed to Stalin

Let’s look at two stories.

*The plague referred to in this story has nothing to do with COVID19

Part 1

Joseph strolled through his town one quiet Sunday morning. The weather was cold but the sky was blue, a pleasant amount of sunshine warming one side of his face. Horses trotted passed being let by their carers, local people chatted happily together in the town square and children ran between them giggling and shouting. Joseph thought of his wife and children back home, all of whom were no doubt still sleeping peacefully in bed. It’s a good morning, Joseph thought to himself.

Joseph was a…

The News Is Making You Unrealistically Pessimistic

The world is fucked. Climate change. War. Poverty. Deadly pandemics. Corruption. Evil. Rampant crime. Racism. Sexism. Inequality. Overpopulation. Biodiversity collapse. Everything is broken. And humanity is doomed. What’s the point in having children if they’re going to grow up in a hellish environment? Why should children bother studying at school when climate change is going to destroy their lives? Humanity stands on the brink of collapse and our future will be filled with chaos, pain and terror. Right?

If you agree with everything written above, I’m here to tell you that you’re completely wrong.

I’m here to tell you that…

Meet the Mezakis and the Jasims

Part 1

A peaceful town lay between the hills for hundreds of years. This town was made up of two tribes who lived in harmony with one another; the Mezakis and the Jasims.

The Mezakis believed in caring for the sick and elderly and having an equal and fair society. While the Jasims believed in creating wealth, individual freedom and advancing the village into greater lands.

The two tribes had weekly meetings in the main hall, where they discussed important decisions about the future of their beloved town. These meetings were filled with disagreements, debates and passionate argumentation.

In this…


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