The 3 New Technologies That Have Changed Everything

Men and women don’t trust each other anymore. At least, it certainly seems that way when surf the internet.

Huge feminist bubbles online continuously talk about “toxic masculinity” and say things like “men are trash”. Endless numbers of articles deride, criticise and demonise men, even throughout mainstream media outlets.

Is this what humanity is working towards?

Are we creating a God?

What would those of the past think of the technology we have today? To those of the past, contacting someone that wasn’t in your immediate physical space via a phone call, let alone a video call, was in the realm of fantasy.

If you took…

How Mobile Games Make Millions Exploiting Addiction

Those innocent little games on the app store. Yes those ones. The free ones. Watch out.

In the modern day, almost everything is optimised to take money out of your pocket. Those free games want you to pay. And they will attempt to psychologically manipulate you until you do.


Is Looking At Your Smartphone Cool?

When you look down at your smartphone a barrier of energy forms around you. This barrier cannot be seen with the naked eye but it can be felt, by you and those around you.

All of your body language, your entire being, sends the following message to the world around…


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