How Toxic Journalists Conduct Interviews — The Case Of Andrew Tate

8 min readJun 17, 2022
Romanian Journalist interviews multi-millionaire Andrew Tate after he’s released from the police station. Left: Andrew Tate Right: Romanian Journalist

Our media landscape is filled with toxic journalists, working at toxic media companies, who will do whatever they can to destroy the reputations of others in order to turn a profit.

They create controversy where it doesn’t exist. They manufacture outrage. And they do their absolute best to trigger the emotions of their audience.

These “journalists” make absolutely no contributions to society, other than to pointlessly rile up people’s emotions and to confuse the public even further about what’s true and what’s false.

Celebrities and public figures are frequently caught off guard by these “toxic journalists”, and end up slipping up, saying the wrong thing and ending up in a sandal, as all of the other toxic journalists report on the slip-up.

Andrew Tate on the other hand (Ex-kickboxer world champion and multi-millionaire), shows us exactly how to deal with toxic journalists such as these.

The situation: An American woman had come to his mansion one night to join an enormous party in Romania filled with booze, girls and other such things. This woman had a boyfriend, who she did not tell about this party.

Later, the boyfriend found out. In the moment, she panicked, and lied. She told her boyfriend that she forced to stay in the Tate mansion against her will, essentially saying that she had been abducted.

Her boyfriend then called the police and the embassy from her home country, causing an international incident. The SWAT team stormed into the Tate mansion and brought Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate in for questioning.

So what happened? The CCTV showed clearly that the girl arrived and left the mansion via Uber and was not forced or abducted. The Tate Brothers were cleared of all charges and released. And the woman broke down in tears; admitting that she had made the whole thing up.

No crimes were committed. Nobody was abducted. Nobody was hurt. And the only thing the Tate brothers were guilty of was throwing a party (last time I checked, this isn’t illegal n Romania).

Did the toxic journalists report the incident in an honest way that helped their audience understand the facts