Men Are Going Through Dangerous Surgery To Make Themselves Taller

And how our media environment drove them to it

5 min readMay 13


mrbrokenbonez on Tiktok

Men are breaking the bones in their own legs to get taller.

Costing an average of around $80,000, the surgery involves snapping certain bones in the leg and installing a magnetic device in order to make the femur bone of the leg longer. The recovery process for this type of leg-lengthening surgery lasts months, and involves a lot of pain.

Some people make complete recoveries, others have physical problems for the rest of their life.

Surely nobody would want to go through a risky and potentially life-ruining surgery like that just to gain a couple of inches in height, right?

Yes. They would. They are. And leg-lengthening surgery gets more popular with each passing year.

It’s no secret that women like tall men. And they always have. But compared to the past, men have been growing more and more insecure about their height with each passing year.

For years, we’ve had a strange double-standard as a culture. It is absolutely unacceptable to make fun of or shame a woman for any aspect of her appearance. On the other hand, it’s perfectly fine to mock and openly ridicule men based on their appearance.

“Manlet” is acceptable. “Whale” is not. “I don’t date short men” is acceptable. “I don’t date fat women” is not.

Feminists who, according to themselves and nobody else, claim to fight for equality, have absolutely no problem with blatant double-standards like this. To them, discriminatory language is perfectly fine as long as it’s at the expense of men.

And if this prolonged discriminatory language deeply damages a young man’s self-esteem, so be it. It doesn’t matter. Because he’s a man. And we live in patriarchy, so it’s fair.

But feminism isn’t the main reason why men feel more and more tempted to undertake extreme surgeries in order to be found attractive by women, although it certainly does hold a portion of the blame.

So what changed? What happened to fuel this growing trend?




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