My 5 Predictions For The Future of Online Dating

What will online dating look like in 2030?

7 min readMay 9


In around 2014, online dating dropped into mainstream culture like a ton of bricks with the release of Tinder. Out of nowhere and without warning, our dating lives changed forever.

At it’s core, the reason dating apps are popular is because it gives us access to a wider variety potential dates that we otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to meet.

This is the core function of a dating app; everything else is just window dressing. Because of this core component dating apps are never going away.

They will, however, adapt and evolve.

These are my 5 predictions for the future of dating apps

1. Dating through Virtual Reality

Created by Dall-E 2

It will become commonplace to do first dates in a 3D, virtual space, wearing a VR headset from the safety of our bedrooms.

You will choose your environment. Some will choose a simple cafe, bar or restaurant. Others will choose to date watching the sun rise on top of a mountain, sitting by a river or at the beach. And the eccentric among us will choose to have their first dates in an anime-style fantasy world or inside Hogwarts.

Those interested in BDSM may decide to have their first date inside a BDSM dungeon.

It will become the norm to have first dates inside a VR space instead of inside reality. How do I know this? Because it makes perfect sense.

Meeting a stranger inside a VR space is safer than meeting them in reality. There is no risk of sexual assault, so women will be more comfortable meeting men they don’t know and will likely agree to more dates this way.

It also requires a lot less effort. Instead of getting dressed up, putting on your make-up and travelling across the city to a bar somewhere, you’ll be able to do the entire date from your bedroom in your underpants.

First dates can often be disappointing, and it can sometimes feel like a waste of time and…




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