The Core Misunderstanding At The Root Of Woke Ideology

Human-beings Are Not Blank Slates



I use the term “Woke Ideology” to discuss a set of beliefs and a world-view that has swept across the western world, particularly the United States, over the last 20 years.

This ideology is a mixture of feminism, critical race theory, intersectionality and various other areas.

(While the term “Woke” originally had a different meaning among the black community, its meaning has evolved among the wider culture and now means something different from its origins).

While Woke Ideology has some valuable and important points to make, it also has an enormous gap in its understanding of the world that leads it to absurd conclusions that don’t line up with reality.

This misunderstanding at the core of Woke Ideology is what causes so much confusion, and leads its believers to believe things that simply aren’t true.

The misunderstanding is as follows: That human-beings are a blank slate. That they do not have in-built characteristics that they carry with them from the moment they’re born.

To those in the woke ideology, everything is socially constructed. You will constantly hear them use phrases such as “we have been taught that…” or “society teaches us