Virtual Reality and The Philosophy Of Obito Uchiha

What happens when virtual reality creates a dream world?



“You have seen reality, so you ought to know: Not one wish ever gets granted in this miserable world” — Obito Uchiha

The world has already split in two.

We already live in two realities. The “real” world, and the world we see on our screens.

Smartphones come with a “beauty filter” set as default on the camera. The filter smoothens our skin and hides our imperfections. For many, the selfies on their smartphone (and the way they view themselves) are more perfect than reality.

This is just the beginning. Eventually, using VR technology, we will create a perfect second world.

In this perfect second world, we will look exactly how we want to look. The ugly will become beautiful. The fat will become thin. Bald men will have hair again. Women with small breasts will have big ones. Men who can’t grow beards will have them. And the disabled will be able to walk again.

The poor will become rich. Losers will become popular. Men who are useless with women will suddenly have the most beautiful women they can imagine. Men who are too lazy to get a 6-pack will have one. Out-of-shape women will have the bodies of porn stars. And the old will be young again.

This is the perfect second world that will one day be available to us, thanks to VR technology (assuming no catastrophic event stops the forward march of technology).

As this perfect second world emerges, I predict that an entirely new philosophy will emerge.

And this future philosophy is encapsulated perfectly in the fictional character of Obito Uchiha.

The fictional story of Obito Uchiha shows us how many will start to think once a second, fantasy reality is available to us through the use of VR technology.

The Philosophy Of Obito Uchiha

The story of Obito Uchiha is the story of a tragedy.

As a teenager, Obito was clumsy, awkward, untalented and always late. However, he had a kind heart and frequently did good deeds like helping old ladies cross the road.