Will Twitter’s Community Notes Save Humanity?

A Step Towards A World Of Truth

4 min readApr 25


The President Of The United States being fact-checked by the public

The anti-Elon Musk brigade has been loud recently.

Moaning. Groaning. Complaining. About how a billionaire now owns a social media network (Newsflash: All major news sources are owned by billionaires).

Since Mr Musk took over Twitter, he has been slandered and attacked from every single direction. The mainstream media have used their immense power and influence to smear his name, and with great success.

Millions of people around the world, having had their emotions manipulated by the power of a mainstream media smear campaign, find themselves bitterly hating Elon Musk without really knowing precisely why they feel this way.

Just 5 years earlier, these very same people were praising Elon Musk for his positive impact on climate change with his Solar Roof project and electric vehicles.

Others, admittedly, have good reasons for their dislike for Elon Musk. After all, he’s certainly no angel, and has undoubtedly committed sins in his past and present.

News article after news article, criticising Elon Musk’s take over of Twitter, claiming that hate speech and misinformation have risen since his takeover (often without evidence).

Because of their irrational bitter hatred, the anti-Elon Musk brigade have failed to notice that Twitter has quietly become the most realible source of information on the planet.

And it’s all because of one small, seemingly insignificant feature: Community Notes.

Community notes are not controlled by Elon Musk. And they’re not controlled by anybody working at Twitter.

Whether something is flagged for misinformation or not is decided entirely by the Twitter community.

It works like this. Before writing your own community notes, you’re required to rate a particular number of tweets for reliability. While you’re rating tweets, you’re given a rating out of 5.




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