Woke Ideology Was Created By Americans Who Know Nothing About The Rest Of The World

White privilege, Slavery and The Patriarchy

5 min readOct 22, 2022


Americans are notorious for living in a bubble and knowing little about the world outside their own country.

We’ve all seen those viral Youtube videos where a street interview asks Americans to point to various countries on a map and failing miserably.

Many have a hard time distinguishing countries from continents. When asked to “name a country”, many say “Africa” or “Asia”.

Apparently only 1/3 of Americans own a passport.

Of course, I’ve met a plenty of intelligent Americans on my own travels too. But it’s undeniable that American culture seems to create a strange “bubble” effect that leaves those inside it completely unaware of the rest of the world.

Major League Baseball names their biggest competition, in which the only participating countries are the USA and Canada, as the “World Series” without even blushing.

This strange American “bubble” effect is what created the Woke Ideology we see today. Here are some examples:

  1. “White Privilege”

Woke Americans frequently throw around the term “White Privilege”. But what they’re actually talking about, is White American Privilege.

Many Woke Americans carry the general view that white people are universally better off than all other races; according to them they stand at the top of the “race privilege hierarchy”. Yet they only think this way because that’s the situation in America. As is often the case, they fail to understand the world outside their own country.

(While I’m aware that white privilege technically just means that you don’t experience discrimination based on your race, this isn’t how a lot of Woke Americans understand it)

White people in Eastern European countries like Albania take home around $387 per month on…