How algorithms affect your political beliefs

In around 2010, social media appeared in all of our lives. And ever since then, different societies around the world have become more and more polarised.

How Mobile Games Make Millions Exploiting Addiction

Those innocent little games on the app store. Yes those ones. The free ones. Watch out.

Is Looking At Your Smartphone Cool?

When you look down at your smartphone a barrier of energy forms around you. This barrier cannot be seen with the naked eye but it can be felt, by you and those around you.

Why the absurd will keep appearing on our screens

Imagine that you’re driving down a country road through a field. On either side of the road are hundreds of cows, all of them looking identical to one another. Bored stiff, you continue driving down the road paying no attention to the hundreds of cows dotted on the landscape around you.

How we try to fulfil tribal urges through video games


The soldier sat quietly with the young boy, playing yet another game of chess. He ignored the guilt panging in the back of his mind as he hid underground from the clashing of metal and screams that echoed through the room from outside. His armour and shield leant up against the wall beside the door unused.

The 6 techniques the media uses to destroy reputations

You’ve witnessed countless smear campaigns throughout your life, but you didn’t notice.

Podcasts will save humanity

For a long, long time, humanity has been informationally stunted.

Artificial animals are everywhere

Take one walk down the high street and you’ll be surrounded by animals. Not real animals, mind you. But depictions of animals in the marketing that surrounds you.

Why don’t we get emotional about tragic statistics?

“One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic”- Commonly attributed to Stalin

Let’s look at two stories.

*The plague referred to in this story has nothing to do with COVID19


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